Welcome To My Personal Website

       Hello, my name is Dadamuga Mazino, I am a Software Engineer with a keen interest in all things concerned with technology. Welcome to my personal site. The main purpose of this site is to highlight things about myself, my career, and my experiences with technology in general.

I am an avid supporter of Open Source technology. For that reason, the source code of all my personal projects are available for free. I believe knowledge and technology should be shared and I do my best to contribute to the computing community.

If you are a representative from a Volunteering or Charity Organization, please feel free to Contact Me stating the name of the organization and what I can do to help out. I usually make sure my weekends are free to accommodate my hobby as a volunteer.

If you are a Potential Employer I do urge you take a look at my CV and Skill Set. Please Contact Me for any other questions or enquires you may have.

For more information about myself please view click the About Me link on the menu bar or follow me on my blog for a more informal information about myself.