About Me

I'm from a small village in Nigeria called Aviara which is located in Delta state (the Niger-Delta area). However, I grew up in Kaduna state which is in northern Nigeria. I spent my childhood and majority of my teen years there. In 2010 I moved to England for university education. I now currently live and work in the United Kingdom.

Academics and Work

I graduated with a bachelors degree in Computer science from the University of Surrey in 2014. I am currently a Software Developer and Analyst at Gamma Telecom.

I'm a quick learner and have always enjoyed changing tasks in a workplace or group because I enjoy amassing knowledge and experience.

Being a flexible person, I easily get used to new technologies, SDKs, languages. I use these qualities to my advantage to take on challenges head on and so far, have always produced estatic results.

I'm clever as a person but a genius at hard work. This combined with passion for what I do make me a very versatile and adaptable person for whatever task I'm presented with.

Personal Interests

I have many hobbies as a person. I enjoy music, art, sports, video games and anything concerning technology.

I'm a self taught pianist and guitarist, though I consider myself mediocre compared to music gods like Nobuo Uematsu and Jimmy Hendrix. I sometimes post music covers on my YouTube channel. If you're a fellow music enthusiast please drop a comment on my page.

Regarding sports, I'm also a boxer and practice twice a week. Out-boxing is my preferred boxing style however, I do however try to incorporate bits of other martial arts into my boxing technique where applicable. I also enjoy basketball and badminton.

One of my more peculiar hobbies is volunteering. Its something I always loved to do since the first time I tried it. I tend to pick vonlunteering jobs aimed at manual activities like maintaining forests and wildlife habitat.

Last but definitely not least, technology. I've always been a geek, always wanting to know what was new in the world, how I could study it and learn from it. As a child I was one of those supposedly naughty kids who always tried dismantling the tv and radio just to see and learn about what was inside (such curiosity of course, angered my parents quite a lot). Its no surprise I decided to take a career in the technology sector.

Please contact me if you would like to learn more about me professionally.